Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Summer Canadian Trip...

 Schnitxel haus in Kimberly Canada...
 Big Cat park, Spokane Washington
 Lake Coeur D' Alene Idaho
 Coeur D' Alene Idaho Park by lake
 Snowbasin Ski resort, Utah
 Not a palm tree
 Glacier National Park
 Glacier NP
 Glacier NP
 Ollies favorite snack, more than banana's
 WhiteFish Montana
 Silverwood Amusement park
 Spokane, Wa.
 Troy, MT
All tuckered out...


  1. Thanks for posting your traveling Ollie blog address... These pics are just adorable!

  2. Ollie, so glad you got away from that lion in Canada. You have had a most amazing trip! Get some rest.

  3. No wonder you're all tuckered out! Ollie you've been VERY busy! You should be careful, in some of your pictures I was afraid you were going to fall in the water, fall from a height, or get eaten by something! You sure look like you're having a Great Time!

  4. Ollie - You have been very busy little traveler!! Awesome to see so many different sites!!! Now get some rest so we can see many more of your adventures!